In 1923 when whites, fueled by a rumor that a black man raped a white woman, attack & set fire to the black town of Rosewood Florida, a white & a black man face a hard choice–should they help the black?

Little Boy (2015)

During WW 2 a bullied little boy, trying to bring his father back from the war, learns lessons in racial tolerance & the difference between faith & magic.

Black or White (2014)

White Elliott, raising his mixed race granddaughter alone after his wife dies, thinks he is not racist, & yet he keeps her apart from her black relatives, which leads to trouble in court.

Kolya (1996)

An adorable little Russian boy changes a Czech womanizing musician when the latter is abandoned by his mother. This character-transformation film mirrors Czech-Russian relationships of its time.

Babe (1995)

Babe is a little pig raised by a sheep dog. Learning of the hostility between the sheep & he dogs, Babe is puzzled at first, but eventually brings harmony to all & a prize to the farmer when he becomes a sheep-pig at the fair.