She Said (2022)

Two NYT reporters, investigating tales of abuse by Harvey Weinstein, will not give up, even when most women are too afraid to talk.

WRITING WITH FIRE–Great for Women’s History Month!

I just was privileged to see an hour-long version of this 90-minute Oscar-nominated documentary–and was highly impressed by the sisterhood of female Indian journalist upon whom it focuses. They face incredible pressure from their society–their families, the men they interview, the authorities whom they challenge.  You can see the full version when Independent Lens shows …

The Last Duel (2021)

Two noblemen in 14th century France fight a duel when the wife of one accuses the other as raping her, the crime seen as against the husband!

The Good Liar (2019)

An elderly scammer thinks he has an easy mark in a widow until they take a trip together to Berlin where she reveals a traumatic connection between them dating back to WW 2.