The Book Keepers (2022)

While promoting his wife Carol’s book Dick Wall finds healing while grieving over her death as his son films the nation-wide road trip.

Compartment 6 (2021)

Finnish student Laura, dumped by her Moscow lover, meets boorish miner Ljoha on the train to Murmansk where she hopes to see petroglyphs.

Land Ho (2014)

Two retirees, one outgoing & the other reticent, go on a road trip to Iceland for a last fling. There they party & see the sites of the city & countryside, ending their road trip refreshed & ready to face whatever happens.

The Rover (2014)

In this road trip film, set in post apocalyptic Australia, a rover picks up a wounded man as he pursues 3 bank robbers who stole his car, his prized possession.

Tammy (2014)

After Tammy is fired from her fast food restaurant job she reluctantly embarks on a trip to Niagra Falls with her grandmother & learns life lessons enroute.