The Invisible Man (2020)

When a wife escapes from her abusive husband & then learns he is dead, she still lives in suspense, believing she is being watched–and she is right.

5B (2018)

A powerful film about the pioneering healthcare workers who first confronted AIDS. Click the film’s title to read my entire review.

Radio Dreams (2016)

At a Parsi language San Francisco radio station an odd assortment of immigrants carry on while waiting for the band Metallica to jam with an Afghani band, but as the day passes, the Americans have not shown up.

The Circle (2017)

After joining the internet media giant The Circle, Mae quickly rises through its ranks, discovering that the technology she so loves also has devastating downsides.

Blue Jasmine

A selfish socialite must cope after her cheating husband is convicted and dies in prison. This involves her leaving NYC and moving in with the lower class sister from whom she has been estranged.