Lucy (2014)

A young woman ingests a drug increasing her brainpower. Ppursued by a drug lord she connects to a brain specialist for help & arrives at god-like powers.

Transcendence (2014)

This sci-fi cautionary tale deals with the drastic consequences to society of a genius whose mind is uploaded to the Internet. It is also a lover story.

About Time (2013)

Contributing reviewer Markus Watson says this movie, by the creators of Love Actually and Notting Hill is “funny” and “charming”! CLICK the movie title, here, to read the whole review.

Ender’s Game (2013)

In this Sc-Fi film a boy is sent to a ilitary school to see if he is “the chosen one” to lead earth’s war against the alien race that had been beaten back frotaking over the Earth 50 years earlier.


A dystopian tale about a revolt led by a factory worker seeking healing for his bdy ravaged by radiation in a factory accident. This can be found only on the space platform known as Elysium where the wealthy have retreated from a polluted Earth.