Adu (2020)

Three stories set in Africa are entertwined–a 6-year-old Cameroon refugee boy flees from poachers who have killed his mother; a border guard struggles with his conscience when a colleague causes the death of a refugee; an animal rights advocate struggles with his temper and his druggie daughter.

Pain and Glory (2019)

A Spanish film director, just before the showing of one of his classic films, confronts his past as his mother is dying & he reconnects with those once important to him.

Pain and Glory (2019)

A troubled Spanish film director reconciles with an actor & reflects on his deceased mother as he deals with health so he can return to film making.

The Liberator (2013)

Simon Bolivar’s story, called The Liberator because he led the revolution against Spain in South America, is told from days as an uninvolved planter & slave owner to those of a leader believing in equality & freedom.