Boys State (2020)

This is documentary of the 2018 Boys State Convention in Texas that mirrors well the strengths & the weaknesses of adult politics & of democracy.


Places in the Heart, set in 1930s Texas, is the story of a black field hand helping a widowed white produce a successful cotton harvest, ending with an unusual Communion service.

Vice (2018)

How Dick Cheney reformed at the insistence of his wife and rose to become Vice President and shaper of policy for Pres. Bush

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Nocturnal animal is what Edward calls his crime novel he has sent Susan, who had betrayed him 19 years earlier, & its characters resemble the 2 of them, she comes to realize–the title is what he used to call her due to her insomnia.

Max (2015)

When a boy’s Marine dog handler brother is killed in Kandahar, the teenager becomes the dog’s new owner and must deal with its trauma as well as a gun running gang.