Hard Miles (2023)

This is a “based on a true story” film of redemption that will leave you feeling hopeful that redemption can come to seemingly hopeless youth—and also leaving you with a sense of awe at the grandeur of Nature. Director R.J. Daniel Hanna (also co-writer with Christian Sander) offers us a good family film that could …

Cabrini (2024)

With little fanfare this inspiring film opened in our theaters midway into Women’s History Month, but it is even more timely—and significant– for another reason. It is probably the best defense of immigrants that you will see in this or any year. Although the name Mother Cabrini is well known because she became the first …


(The four films reviewed in the April 1997 issue are Secrets & Lies; Marvin’s Room; Sling Blade; and Rosewood.) “It isn’t good for the man to live alone,” the author of the second Genesis creation story has God declare. And so he relates the story of the  creation of the woman,  the two forming a …

Rosewood (1997)

This harrowing true story based on a racist massacre of Blacks manages to inspire hope due to the efforts of a few courageous Blacks, and even some whites, to help victims.

Peace by Chocolate (2021)

In this true refugee story a son’s dream of becoming a doctor conflicts with his father’s need for him to join in his chocolate business because only the son can speak English.

Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening–A Good Read

                   I became interested in reading this book while reviewing the documentary film The Book Keepers. The book is a memoir of an unusual friendship between a white Southern woman, Carol Wall, and Giles Owita, a Kenyan holding several jobs, including gardener. Ms. Wall, a writer for 20 years for Southern Living magazine had struggled …

Father Stu (2022)

The true story of how a profane boxer joined the Catholic Church because of a girl & after a crash was called to be a priest, persisting even when struck by a disease.

Quiz Show (1994)

When a quiz show producers tempt the son of a famous poet to cheat, he hesitates & then accepts, leading to a great scandal of the 50s.