The Comey Rule (2020)

The story of FBI Director James Comey’s relationship to President Trump during the investigations into the Clinton emails & that of the Trump organizations ties with Russia.

LOVE FIELD  (1992)

A Dallas beautician in a bad marriage goes to see the Kennedy’s at Love Field airport, & when the Pres. is shot, decides to travel to Wash. for the funeral despite her husband’s objections, & hitches a ride with a black man & daughter.

Loving (2016)

When Richard & Mildred Loving marry in Wash DC & try to live in VA., they are arrested, their case at last landing at the Supreme CT. The Court strikes down miscegenation laws everywhere.

Nixon (1995)

Nixon, a talented yet paranoia-filled man suffers defeat yet comes back to make a successful run for the Presidency, only to lose it over a petty scandal.