The First Lady (2022)

This limited series explores how 3 First Ladies–Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, & Michelle Obama–struggled to form her own role in the White House.

The Way I See It (2020)

How White House Photographer Pete Souza transformed from a recorder of history to a prophet with a camera, angry over the debasement of the once dignified office by the 45th President.

LBJ (2017)

Interspersed with scenes of the murder of JFK in Dallas are scenes of LBJ as V-P & then as President determined to get JFK’s Civil Rights Bill passed through Congress

Killing Reagan (2016)

Events before & right after John Hinckley Jr.’s attempt to kill President Reagan are depicted in human but dramatic terms, Nancy shown as a loving wife & strong supporter.

Pixels (2015)

3 friends & one enemy, all expert video arcade gamers, take on a series of game icons sent by an alien race that mistook a tape of games, sent in a space capsule by NASA, as an act of war.