Itzhak (2017)

The film, filled with snatches of great music, features famous violinist Itzhad Perlman at home entertaining guests, in Israel, at concert halls, and navigating the streets of NYC in his scooter/wheel chair.

Max Rose (2016)

A recently widowed man, overcome by grief, discovers a locket his wife had saved with an inscription from another man, wonders if his marriage was a sham.

The Danish Girl (2015)

Danish artist Einar Wegener, married to fellow artist Gerda, becomes a pioneer in the transgender movement by undergoing one of the 1st sex change operations in the early 1930s.

Phoenix (2014)

This film noir unfolds right after WW 2 when a disfigured survivor of Auschwitz has plastic surgery, & with a friend, who thinks her German husband betrayed her, searches for him. Not recognizing his wife now, he invites her to pretend to be his wife so he can gain the wife’s large inheritance.