Afire (2023)

A writer whose 2nd novel stinks retreats with a friend to a seaside cabin to revise it where they become involved with a girl already there.

Past Lives (202)

Writer-director Celine Song leaves the fantasy world of The Wheel of Time, which she scripted, to give us a heart-warming story set in the present world of the romantic, yet pragmatic. Divided into three parts, hers is a spiritual film, though that of Buddhism rather than Christianity. It is infused with such wisdom and restraint …

Imperial Dreams (2014)

A just out of jail father, who dreams of becoming a writer, reconnects with his son but has to live in his car when he refuses his uncle’s demand to help in his drug business.

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba (2016)

When Ernest Hemmingway receives a fan letter from a Miami reporter, he invites the man to come to Cuba for fishing, this leading to a growing friendship through the years.