VP 2022 Index Available

It’s 2023, and that means the new VP Index is available for any reader who requests it. In fact, it also includes January 2023 as well.

There are over 3300 film reviews listed–documentaries & feature films–in the 21 page booklet, extending back to VP’s founding in 1990. Although the “Movie Reviews”  search engine on the website is useful, it does not include the many articles that have run in past issues. Some of these deal with films suitable for the seasons of the church, and others are interviews and articles on various social justice topics, plus book reviews. Also a page listing reviews of short films.

Readers have found the Index helpful when trying to find a review on a specific subject  or looking for one of the many articles suggesting films for Advent or Lent. (For leaders interested in social justice issues, you also might want to request the latest copy of “Social Issue Films,” a list of over 1000 films divided into 40 categories.) To obtain a free copy of either or both, email me at the address below, and I will reply with one (or two) attachment(s).

[email protected]

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