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This Jewish Life

Fifty-two voices join as one to portray the many facets of contemporary Judaism. Award-winning journalist, Debra B. Darvick, sought out inspiring moments of truth, encounters of insight, healing, and transformation within the framework of Jewish life. Beginning with accounts of bris and Rosh Hashana and closing with ones of Tisha B’Av and kaddish, THIS JEWISH LIFE reflects the twin timelines of the Jewish calendar. Let these fifty-two stories carry you through a Jewish year.

THIS JEWISH LIFE is a book for:
– Readers with an interest in the rhythms of Jewish life.
– Your synagogue’s newest members. Now that they’ve affiliated, a gift of THIS JEWISH LIFE will inspire them to get, and, stay involved. – Synagogue book clubs.
– Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Youth discussion groups.
– Those teaching and attending conversion classes. THIS JEWISH LIFE offers moving and accessible portrayals of all aspects of Jewish living.
– Any special bar or bat mitzvah.
– Family members whose loved ones have chosen Judaism. THIS JEWISH LIFE is an excellent introduction to the holidays and life cycle events that may be unfamiliar.
– Anyone, simply anyone, who enjoys a good story.

PLEASE NOTE: This Jewish Life will be reissued (same great stories and new ones, too!)   by DCM in 2010. In the interim, you may purchase books from me at a discounted rate of $15 +$4 shipping and handling. Just email me — debralex1 at sbcglobal dot net.
And let me know if you want to inscribe it for someone special.

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