Howard Brown’s Shining Brightly podcast welcomes the unique anti-bullying message of Kalyani Pardeshi

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Author of Shining Brightly

I’m pleased to see that nearly 20,000 people have downloaded my podcasts—which is why I continue to look around the world for unique voices to bring to my listeners.

I admit in this podcast, which you can hear below, that I was not aware of the remarkable anti-bullying work that Kalyani Pardeshi is pioneering from her homebase in Canada. When I recently learned of her work, I knew that I needed to introduce her to my own global audience—after all, resiliency is the core theme in my own work as I travel to speak with audiences.

Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa with Indian family roots, as you might imagine, Kalyani grew up confronting some of the world’s worst forms of bullying. Through her unique approach to learning and training, she has developed a whole toolbox of tips and techniques to confront this global problem.

Her approach now starts with not bullying yourself. Research shows that bullies often have been bullied themselves, of course, and Kalyani zeroes in on the many ways we contribute to this problem with what her book Unbullying calls “inner” bullying.

“The only way we can stop bullying each other is to stop bullying ourselves,” Kalyani says in the podcast you can hear right here:


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