Barry (2020)

To read my review of this film version of Barack Obama’s early life, click on the film title.

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Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story (2020)

I highly recommend this new documentary about Catholic activist Dorothy Day. Click the title to read my entire review.

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New! Visual Parables Journal for March 2020

ENJOY MOVIES? Want to spark a spirited discussion? Click on this headline to learn more about the MARCH 2020 issue of Visual Parables Journal.

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Call of the Wild (2020)

Jack London’s story still makes for good cinema. Click the title to read my entire review.

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Join veteran film critic Edward McNulty in exploring the inspiring connections between faith and pop culture. Ed has been analyzing film, leading film discussions in his and other churches, creating study guides, and publishing books on the topic for over 4 decades.

While there are a ton of online sites and magazines dedicated to reviewing films, the Visual Parables approach is unique. Ed focuses on helping make valuable connections between spirituality and film. We invite you to browse VP’s extensive online database of film reviews. For an even deeper look into faith and film, you can become a member.

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