Tips for Choosing a Good Support Group

Benjamin Pratt iconQUESTION:

At least a million small groups meet in congregations and communities nationwide. Some are organized intentionally for support. What tips do you have for choosing a good support group?

Why This Matters:

I’ve marked this question with my own logo, because this is one of the most important decisions caregivers can make. I put this chapter early in my book and I advise readers to put a good deal of thought into this question. NOTE: This website is a very important place for sharing ideas, but it is not a support group. For that, you need regular personal interaction with a small group. After many years in pastoral counseling, I urge you to carefully consider this question—and to share your tips to help all of us make better choices.

Here’s a short sample of some of the advice I share in the book:

These groups use a variety of names, including: fellowships, peer support gorups, lay organizations, mutual help or mutual aid groups. … The Internet has provided an important new venue for support groups, but here’s a word of caution: It is not difficult to find a local or an online support group, but it may be difficult to find a good one. Some online groups are run by pharmaceutical or medical-supply companies promoting a particular product. Some websites are not properly moderated and can turn into a Wild West of interactions.

Benjamin Pratt, from Guide for Caregivers

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