Stream our ‘Now What?’ launch video to spark discussion with family and friends in your community


49 Minutes. 9 Voices. Lots of Helpful Ideas!

In late March, 2021, Front Edge Publishing co-hosted a national launch event via Zoom to showcase many of the contributing experts, non-profit agencies and institutions helping to connect families with the new book, Now What? A Guide to the Gifts and Challenges of Aging.

We designed the launch event as a series of short talks by experts in everything from how to get your congregation more involved in helping local caregivers—to how to get more value from hospice programs in your part of the country. You’ll find a longer list of this book’s many topics below.

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Already, dozens of men and women with wide-ranging expertise devoted a year to collecting and organizing the helpful information in this book for America’s more than 50 million unpaid caregivers—and also for Americans who are experiencing both the gifts and the critical challenges of aging, first hand. Quite frankly, pretty much all of us can benefit from this new book.

Topics included in Now What?

  • You Are Not Alone: Connecting in healthy ways with our community
  • Our Allies: Organizing a successful team
  • Our Gifts: All of us have strengths that give our lives meaning
  • Our Service: Using our unique talents to create meaningful change
  • Saging, Not Aging: A transcultural perspective on our gifts as we age
  • Going Online: Safety connecting with friends and family on social media
  • Caring for Our Caregivers: More than 50 million Americans devote their lives to our care
  • Connecting with a Congregation: Joining a congregation is a healthy step
  • Mobility Matters! Should we stop driving? And, if we do, what now?
  • Home Safe Home: Making sure “home” equals “healthy”
  • Emergency Preparedness: A 10-point safety list to help you sleep soundly
  • Don’t Throw that Away! Downsizing and the challenges of hoarding
  • Hidden Challenges and Helplines: Identifying easily overlooked issues before they become crises
  • A Trip to the Doctor: Plan ahead to make the most of your healthcare team
  • Directing Our Care: Advance directives, power of attorney, living wills and DNRs
  • Enjoying Life: Having fun is healthy!
  • What Is Hospice Care? Finding comfort and peace at the end of life

Order from Amazon by clicking on the book cover, above. Or learn more about this project—and ways to order this book in quantity for groups—by visiting the book’s main resource page:




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