The AACR podcast welcomes Howard Brown, because: ‘Finding cures and battling cancer must be a team sport.’

We will let Mitch Stoller, Chief Philanthropic Officer of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) tell this story. In a newly released podcast, Mitch talked with me about the need for broad-based support and team work when fighting cancer. He introduces our conversation this way:

“Join us as we share stories of hope and inspiration that will lift your spirits and remind you that no matter how difficult the journey may be—there’s always hope. We will explore the latest breakthroughs in cancer research and we will hear from leading experts who are working tirelessly to find new treatments and cures in the fight against cancer. This podcast isn’t just about the science of cancer. It’s about the human side of this disease, too. We will hear from cancer survivors who have overcome incredible odds to beat cancer, thanks to the groundbreaking research and innovative treatments that are changing the landscape of cancer treatment.”

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Here’s what you can do to spark hope for yourself, your friends and family

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Subscribe to the AACR’s new podcast. Here is Mitch’s invitation: “Join us on this journey of hope and progress. Subscribe to Believe in Progress, the AACR podcast today. … Together, we can make progress in the fight against cancer and bring hope to those who need it most.”

Get a copy of Howard’s inspiring memoir, Shining Brightly. Here is what Mitch says about my story: “Howard Brown is a two-time state IV cancer survivor, 30 years apart. Howard shares the keys to leading a resilient life with hope. He drives successful community leaders, business innovators and patient advocates towards engagement, empowerment and excellence. Howard also has his own Shining Brightly podcast with 25 episodes released as of this recording. His podcast is all about overcoming with resilience, hope and inspiration.

“Howard recently spoke to cancer researchers, investigators while he was being honored at the AACR’s 2023 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. Howard also was selected and participated in AACR’s 25th anniversary cohort at the Scientific Survivor program as an advocate mentor. At the annual meeting, Howard shared how having the patient voice and communication, collaboration and connection together gives all patients, care partners and families hope for a better tomorrow.”

Mitch concluded by summarizing my advice to families facing cancer: “Live our lives one more second, one more day, one more week and one more year. Finding cures and battling cancer must be a team sport.”


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