His Lens/My Pen –– A Single Point of Light


There must be something in the air at the Song of the Morning retreat center in Vanderbilt, Michigan. The only two photos I have contributed to the His Lens/My Pen series were both from there. The first one was taken last fall. I captured the image above during a walk in the woods one spring morning. The river was flowing full and swiftly after an early morning rain shower; the trees above me were still shaking off its remnants. Then the clouds parted, the sun took prominence, and Mother Nature bestowed yet another gift of beauty. I stood mesmerized for nearly fifteen minutes. Pure visual magic as the water shattered shafts of sunlight into particles and set them to dancing in the currents of the river.

It’s so hard to walk lightly through our lives.  There are kids to worry about; health issues to contend with; relationships to sustain, mend, tend and sustain again. Jobs to seek, keep, and sometimes leap from or toward with all that attendant uncertainty. Not to mention the maelstrom of malevolence and mayhem streaming daily from our various screens electronic devices. As I study this photograph again and again, I realize that what makes the scene so extraordinary is the atomization of the light, each daub of sunlight is bouncing to its own rhythm. Sometimes that’s all we can do, too. Just be who we are – a single point of light interacting as best as we can with life’s inevitable flow.

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