Bamboozled (2000)

Spike Lee has a ball in this show biz satire in which a TV network greenlights a minstrel show filled with terrible racial stereotypes–the plot borrowed from The Producers.

Boys State (2020)

This is documentary of the 2018 Boys State Convention in Texas that mirrors well the strengths & the weaknesses of adult politics & of democracy.

MALCOLM X (1992)

The story of Malcolm X from his youthful gangster days thru his conversion to Islam in prison to his rise in leadership of Black Muslims and his murder when he broke with its leader.

Irresistible (2020)

In this satire a slick political operative from Washington prompts a M-W dairy farmer to run for Mayor in a scheme to use him so Democrats can reconnect with the rural vote.

Sweetheart (2019)

A young black woman, washed ashore a desert island after a boat sinks, struggles to stay alive when a tall amphibious monster stalks her each night.

Hearts Beat Loud (2017)

Record store owner Frank pleads with his college-bound daughter Sam to join him in singing his new song, but she at first wants nothing to do with it.