Irrational Man (2015)

A small college philosophy professor, despairing that life has no purpose even though a female prof & an adoring student bed with him, finds meaning in murdering an allegedly evil man, thus improving the world.

September 2015 Journal

Inside this issue: Straight Outta Compton, Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet, Jimmy’s Hall, Phoenix, The End of the Tour, Gemma Bovery, Amy, and more.

Café Society (2016)

Young Bobby visits his big time agent Uncle Phil, finding work but when he is disappointed in love, he returns to New York to become a successful managerof the night club owned by his gangster older brother.

Film Capsules August 2015

Click onto the title to see the full review.  The Stanford Prison Experiment Rated R. Matthew 7:12; Romans 7:14-15 This fact-based cautionary tale of a psychological experiment gone awry turns out to be as thrilling and as horrifying as most supernatural horror films. In the summer of 1971 the Navy commissioned the head of Stamford …

Luce (2019)

An African boy adopted by white parents wins wide respect at high school, but his black teacher suspects he plans violence when she reads his essay.

Luce (2019)

A dedicated black teacher, suspicious of her star black pupil, brings his white parents into her plan to prevent any violence at the school, thus raising unsettling questions.