AIR (2023)

The story of how Nike designed and signed the Air Jordan shoe and how his mother shrewdly held out for a percentage of the sales.

The Lost King (2023)

A fascinating true (partially) tale of how a woman led the search for the body of King Richard III & fought against the established view that he was a villain.

Close (2022)

Léo and Remi are best of friends, but when they enter high school one of them, fearing they were being tagged as gay, draws back out of fear–with sad consequences.

Knock at the Cabin (2022)

Out in the woods a team of 4 hold hostage a gay pair & their daughter in the belief that if they sacrifice one of themselves it will save the world from doom.

Operation Mincemeat (2022)

A suspenseful true story based on the intricate plot by Naval British Intelligence that fooled Nazis into believing they would invade Greece rather than Italy.

The Quiet Girl (2022)

A shy, quiet Irish girl ignored by her overly taxed pregnant mother and drunkard father blossoms during the summer she spends with loving relatives.

Close (2022)

Remi & Leo are as close as can be until a girl at school asks if they are “a couple,” which leads to a parting of ways with sad consequences.