Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Led by the daughter of the designer of the Death Star, a team of Rebels infiltrate the Imperial data center to find the plans of the Death Star that reveal its built-in flaw before it is operable.

ROOTS (1977 TV Series)

Alex Haley traces roots of his African heritage back to the days of slavery & then to Kunta Kinte, captured in Africa, sold into slavery in the Colonies, but never giving up his dream of freedom.

The Judge (2014)

A long estrangement between The Judge & his lawyer son who fled to escape his father is brought to a climax when the father is charged with murdering a man he hated & the son returns to defend him.

Generation War (2013)

An epic tale follows the misfortunes of 5 young Berliners involved in the Nazi invasion of Russia, from 1941 hopeful years through 1945’s disillusinionment.

Don Jon

A young man addicted to porn discovers that even when he meets what he thinks is his ideal woman, he cannot break the habbit. Painful experience and the love of an older woman brings a measure of maturity, but is that enough?