We Are Caregivers: Sharing Your Tips and Ideas

An invitation from Dr. Benjamin Pratt …

This new online series of spirit-lifting resources is called “We Are Caregivers,” because we are helping each other here. That means you have an important role to play, too, in helping the millions of men and women who care for parents, special-needs children, loved ones and friends on a daily basis. There are dozens of ideas for sharing with others in my new book, A Guide for Caregivers.

The sections of my book are identified by four logos. First, I share with readers from my own experience as a pastoral counselor and caregiver on 25 subjects that we often encounter while caring for others. The logo with the quote marks identifies sections where I quote many people who have tackled these issues. The hand-and-pen logo marks invitations for readers to respond. The coffee-cups logo identifies easy ways to share your journey with friends.

Whether you’ve read my book or not, I welcome you to share your responses here …

‘We Are Caregivers’ Depends on Your Help:
Try These Questions

Talking Honestly; Listening Intently: What tips can you share about telling your story, as a caregiver, or listening to another person’s story?

Joining Support Groups: At least a million small groups meet in congregations and communities nationwide. Some are organized intentionally for support. What tips do you have for choosing a good support group?

Singing & the Soundtrack of Your Life: What songs lift your spirits? Suggest titles that will help others.

Praying: Nine out of 10 people say they pray regularly. Can you suggest a prayer that you’ve found helpful?

Carrying Words With You: Caregivers do better when they have inspirational words handy. Would you share a favorite?

Grieving: Caregivers often feel losses more intensely than others, considering how hard we work to preserve life. Got a tip to help others through grieving?

Laughing: No question, laughter often is the best medicine. Got a joke to share?

THESE ARE JUST SOME of the questions raised in A Guide for Caregivers. Got more tips, ideas, questions or comments to share? Add a comment on this page about any of these issues. Visit me at my author’s page. Or, you can always email us at [email protected]

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