His Lens My Pen: Staying Calm, Serene and Unruffled

This is the second in a monthly series of a new feature called His Lens/My Pen, a collaboration with my husband. He’s the one with the camera; I’m the one with the pen as it were. Ergo His Lens/My Pen. Continuing with the bird theme from last month’s image, Martin took this photograph on a walk we shared in Pasadena. Does it remind you of a Monet watercolor, too? How he captured the shimmery-ness of the water, is beyond me.  But that’s what makes his eye so great. And why it inspires me so.


Enjoy this image in a larger format by clicking anywhere on the photo. You’ll feel like you’re swimming right alongside this peaced-out duck.

Please feel free to share this with your friends, families, followers. And of course, Facebook, by clicking the blue “f” icon. Stay tuned for next month’s offering from His Lens/My Pen. Share this HisLens/MyPen image for real. It is now available as a 5×7 greeting card on my new Etsy Shop — TheInfinitePeacock. Enjoy!

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One thought on “His Lens My Pen: Staying Calm, Serene and Unruffled

  1. Manny Kalef

    Hi Debra,

    After you click on the picture and enlarge it, how do you go back to the original page without ending the whole site? I tried hitting esc and on the picture itself but nothing happened. So I exited the site and re-entered it in order to do this comment.

    See you in shul.


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