Numbers help heal California patient from cancer

Suzy Farbman column about Michele McHall

Michele McHall

Michele McHall received a powerful Godsign on the day of the PET scan that would show how well her first six week round of chemo had worked. When she recalled how anxious she was, my mind flashed back to the scans I took 10 years ago, and my relief in the progress they showed.

Like me, Michele was blessed with a devoted circle of friends “who’ve been phenomenal.” Michele lives in Larkspur, California, and is a holistic coach. She founded a system of transformation that awakens what she calls a person’s “‘Whole IQ,’ combining spirit, heart, mind and body intelligences.”

Michele e-mailed to thank me for the support my book, Godsigns, brought her. She had just finished 30 sessions of radiation and a 6-week round of chemo.

On the day of her PET scan, she says, “I was so nervous I couldn’t catch my breath.” To distract herself, she was organizing her messiest kitchen drawer. She glanced at the clock on her microwave. It read 11:11. She checked her phone and her tablet. Also 11:11.

“That is a powerful numerological gateway,” Michele says. That same morning, though thunder and lightning are rare in California, “there was the strongest bolt of lightning and loudest thunder I have ever heard. I took these powerful signs as Godspeed all would be well with my scan. And it was. The cancer was 90% gone.”

In numerology, number 1 is the primary number. It signifies new beginnings and purity. 1111 means new beginnings and purity, quadrupled.

Years ago, my wise sister, Anne, told me that when 1111 appears, it means an angel is thinking of you. When Anne turned 60, husband Mike fulfilled her fondest wish, for an apartment in New York. An agent showed them a 1-bedroom overlooking Central Park. Anne noticed the apartment number: 1111. She was in. Our whole family has been grateful for that number, and those lodgings, ever since.

Back to Michele, a good friend of my son Andy. Her recent scans and endoscopy were clear. Michele has one long chemo infusion to go and is already scheduled to have her chemo port removed. Another Godsign: The date for the procedure to remove Michele’s port is December 18th. In Hebrew, 18 means “chai,” Hebrew for “life.”

A toast to you dear Michele, sister survivor. L’chaim. To life.

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4 thoughts on “Numbers help heal California patient from cancer

  1. Rodney Curtis

    11:11 holds a sweet spot in my history too, though it’s far more mundane. Thanks for sharing, Suzy.

  2. Marilyn Connor

    once again your story blows me away.
    I have set my phone to ring at 11:11. Know that in my prayers, will be a special one for you , your family and your landscape of all of us who know and love you.

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