Suzy Farbman was a successful author whom Oprah introduced to the world as an expert on the tough challenge of saving a marriage. But, behind the scenes, Suzy’s world would soon fall apart. An ominous diagnosis threatened more than the career of this savvy writer for magazines including Better Homes and Gardens. Back from Betrayal, Suzy’s Oprah-recommended memoir, told how Suzy and her husband repaired deep problems in their marriage. Readers nationwide sought Suzy’s advice. Yet, at the height of this success, Suzy realized her body was failing. Godsigns is her second book.

Facing the same rough journey that looms for one in three men and one in eight women in America, this tough journalist found herself weak and frightened. This big-hearted wife, mother and grandmother worried that she didn’t have much time left to enjoy the relationships that defined her life.

Searching for solutions to life’s darkest spiritual challenges—weakness, fear, mortality—Suzy found that America’s wealth of medical expertise is equaled by our wealth of spiritual support. Suzy sought out more than the best doctors. She also involved her friends and myriad resources from psychotherapy to angels, from ancient prayers to hoping for miracles. Her warm, suspenseful and often funny journey of mixed disciplines is far from a dead end!

An Invitation to Share Your Godsigns

Through her journey, Suzy realized that God reaches out to us through countless resources—from medical doctors to spiritual teachers. As a veteran writer, Suzy knows she can help others by inviting readers along on her journey of survival and spiritual awakening. In this moving story, Suzy proposes that anyone can look for the same kinds of Godsigns that shone through in her world. Soon, you’ll be spotting your own Godsigns—and, Suzy welcomes you to share those Godsigns with others.

With Suzy as their guide through one of life’s biggest tests, anyone can find hope. If you enjoyed her earlier book about marriage—Back from Betrayal: Saving a Marriage, a Family, a Life—you’re sure to love Godsigns. If you’re meeting Suzy for the first time, you won’t find a better storyteller to take your hand through America’s diverse medical and spiritual treasures. Books about recovery and spiritual transformation often lead readers to more blind alleys than bright doorways. Suzy specializes in finding light in the most unlikely places.

Other books about survival can be grim. But, as you turn the pages of Godsigns, you’ll find yourself smiling, even laughing. You’ll meet surprising people in these pages. Think of the startling truth and eye-opening adventure of Eat, Pray, Love. With Suzy Farbman’s new book, you’re in the hands of another great American writer.



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