When your number’s up … it may be a sign of hope

14 coincidences even in the car“I was lucky. I got it right on the third try,” Linda Ross says of her third marriage.

That’s why it was so hard when her beloved husband Henry died recently of an infection that followed a long, brave struggle with cancer. They had been married 29 years.

Henry was a Shriner, Linda says, and “believed in honor and integrity.” He taught Linda fishing in the Keys. He tried to teach her golf—but “no go.” They loved tailgating at the University of Michigan with Henry’s famous chili.

“He lived life to the fullest,” Linda recalls.

Linda looks for, and sees, signs Henry manages to send. He was born December 14, 1930, and died in the first month of 2014. The number 14 now keeps recurring in Linda’s life, through temperatures, room numbers, hotel floors, airplane rows. “It has gotten to the point that since Henry died on Jan. 22, the number 14 appears almost daily.”

During the two months following Henry’s death, the weekly high was 14 degrees. The day of Henry’s funeral, after a shiva (mourning period), she noticed the dashboard of her car.  The temperature read 14. The time: 5:14. Not long after, Linda visited the eye doctor and was seen in room 14.

As your resident numbers fan, I looked up the meaning of 14. It is twice the number 7, which signifies spiritual perfection. 14: double spiritual perfection. The number 7 has great significance in our earthly realm: 7 colors of the spectrum; 7 notes of the musical scale; 7 seas; 7 major continents; 7 days in a week.  (If you read my book Godsigns with rapt attention, you know this already.)

As hard as losing her husband is on Linda, she knows how blessed she was. She at last achieved a marriage that embodied the number 14. Double spiritual perfection.

It also renders her loss twice as hard to handle.

Keep ’em coming, Henry.

(Have you received Godsigns through numbers?  Words?  images?  I’d love to hear about them.)

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4 thoughts on “When your number’s up … it may be a sign of hope

  1. Gloria

    I do believe in spiritual messages and visits. I have had visual visits from my dad. I do nnot discuss them with others because it is not necessary I get such meaning and love from him that my whole being is filled with joy. Bruce always told me that we carry our list loved ones with us and they are always with us. It is a very good feeling

  2. Joan Peven Smith

    Dear Linda,
    Hope you are finding your way in the new life you are leading. It sounds like Henry is still with you.
    Carry on, Joan Smith

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