A Dog’s Purpose (2016)

Thanks to reincarnation a loyal dog enhances the lives of 3 different families & then returns to enrich the life of its original owner, now a lonely adult.

Max (2015)

When a boy’s Marine dog handler brother is killed in Kandahar, the teenager becomes the dog’s new owner and must deal with its trauma as well as a gun running gang.

White God (2014)

When Lili’s beloved dog is abandoned on the streets by her father, she sets out to find it, while it suffers from cruel adults & then leads a dog revolt.

Babe (1995)

Babe is a little pig raised by a sheep dog. Learning of the hostility between the sheep & he dogs, Babe is puzzled at first, but eventually brings harmony to all & a prize to the farmer when he becomes a sheep-pig at the fair.