Two new guides for the TV series Nothing Sacred have been posted on the Fuller Theological Seminary media blog “Reel Spirituality.” Episode 3 “Mixed Blessings” deals with unexpected consequences from the staff’s winning lottery ticket, and Episode 4 “Parents and Children” deals with both sides of the abortion controversy when a staff member is impregnated.

Both episodes are taken from You Tube postings, but you do not have to go to another site, just click onto the pictures to sart watching. I started this series of guides because there are so many ethical and theological issues in each episode that could challenge a group of believers to stretch and exercise their thinking faith. Episode 3 includes 12 questions, one of them being a link to the words and a concert performance of the beautiful sacred song that figures so prominently in this story, “Panis Angelica.” Episode 4 includes 10 discussion questions.

Next month we will be posting two more episodes. If you use these materials, please let us know, as this would be an encouraging note that someone “out there” is paying heed. To access the blog go to:

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