Howard Brown on: Why should we all join in interfaith bridge building?

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Interfaith bridge building: Why do we do this work?

We are sharing with our readers the three major themes of Shining Brightly by Howard Brown—along with some inspiring samples from the book and parts of the book’s discussion guide.

Howard’s interfaith bridge building is a core commitment that springs from the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam, or repairing the world. He has worked tirelessly to help combat the rise of hate fueled violence in our world. Recognizing the powerful truth that friendships can prevent conflict and often whispers are more powerful than bombshells, Howard has served through Jewish nonprofits in California, Michigan and across the U.S. While living in California, he was honored with the Lloyd Dinkelspiel Young Leadership Award from the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation and became part of the National Young Leadership Cabinet of the Jewish Federations of North America. He and his wife Lisa both were selected to complete the multi-year Wexner Heritage Foundation fellowship in Jewish leadership. In Michigan, he was elected board president of the American Jewish Committee’s regional office in Detroit. Nationally, he has served on the International Board of Governors of the American Jewish Committee. Howard was awarded the Activist of the Year award for the southeast Michigan Jewish community in 2019.

Among the interfaith endorsements for his book:

“Together we can shape history.’ That’s a core belief that animates longtime interfaith bridge-builder par excellence, Howard Brown. The global challenges are so profound that we need all hands-on deck. Shining Brightly, shows how one person, despite facing life-threatening challenges, can help to heal our troubled world by reaching out to other communities at home and abroad. That makes this book such timely and valuable reading.”
David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee 


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This is a perfect moment to become one of Howard’s growing global community of friends by ordering your copy of his book.

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