Interfaith Peacemakers Month: Who are YOUR heroes?

1893 statue Pax by RunebergCELEBRATE with us
31 Interfaith Peacemakers in 31 Days!

Jan 10 is Kabir.
Jan 11 is Duke’s Imam Abdullah Antepi.
Jan 12 is Vern Barnet.
Jan 13 is Howard Thurman.
Jan 14 is Lady Deborah Moody.
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Reality Check from OurValues …
Who are “our” American heroes?
Gallup reports: Millions name Clint Eastwood.
And, among women: How about Angela Merkel?
This may surprise you: ‘Nobody’ tops the list!
Through the decades: Who is likely to remain a hero?
Finally, worldwide: Who was the most influential?

But …
What Can I Do to Help?
BIRD on FIRE, the website, debuts today—to showcase how care for the world’s vulnerable is a core value for people of faith.

Need Fresh Energy?
Finding Health and Healing …
Rodney Curtis: Getting a Wii bit more yoga in 2014.
Caregivers Heather Jose: Finding contentment … with a warm cup.
FeedTheSpirit Bobbie Lewis: Discovering … God’s Cook Book!?
Debra Darvick: How I found myself in childhood scenes from Blush.
And from Debra: What do you find when you look deep into your childhood?
Suzy Farbman: A grieving daughter finds a candle … and unexpected comfort.

Going to the Movies?
News: Visual Parables publishes January’s Journal.
Ed’s Ranking (counting down): 5 stars Nebraska; 4 stars Saving Mr. Banks; 3 stars The Wolf of Wall Street; 2 stars Last Vegas.

The Holidays …
Epiphany / Theophany: Western and Eastern Christians celebrate manifestation of God in Jesus.
Russian Orthodox Christmas: Bouncing back into popular Russian culture.

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