Buddhist, Mahayana: A full moon, a New Year’s celebration

Outside New York’s Mahayana Buddhist Temple WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19: The moon is full and it’s time for Mahayana Buddhists to celebrate the New Year. (Some countries’ calendars vary, and even the dating of the full moon of January can vary. Wikipedia has details on Mahayana Buddhism.)

It’s the time of the year when these Buddhist communities make resolutions and pledges. It’s a time to clean out one’s home and life; dine with family and friends; and relive age-old traditions. (The Buddhist Channel site has more.)

Mahayana Buddhists in New York will be visiting Chinatown’s Mahayana Buddhist Temple today, a massive building that houses a 16-foot golden Buddha statue and prints depicting events from Buddha’s life. Most importantly, Mahayana Buddhists pledge to live the New Year in the footsteps of Buddha.

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