Jehovah’s Witness: Reflect on the Lord’s Evening Meal

SUNDAY, APRIL 17: The majority of Christians may mark Jesus’ Last Supper in a few days, but tonight, Jehovah’s Witnesses observe the Lord’s Evening Meal. Jesus commanded his followers to “do this in memory of me,” and Jehovah’s Witnesses take Jesus’ words as command, marking tonight as the most important day of the year. The Feb. 1, 2011, edition of Watchtower Magazine—the official publication of Jehovah’s Witnesses that instructs followers—featured an article on the coming Lord’s Evening Meal, so that devotees could begin preparation. Although only a few thousand worldwide are eligible to partake in tonight’s bread and wine, all Jehovah’s Witnesses attend and reflect on Jesus’ love. (Learn more at, the official site for Jehovah’s Witnesses.)

The Bible states Jesus’ last meal as being on the first night of the Jewish Passover, on Nisan 14 in the Jewish calendar; Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to strictly keep track of the current Nisan 14 date. Since Passover occurs once a year, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe Jesus commanded the Evening Meal, also, to take place once per year. (Wikipedia has details on this and other Jehovah’s Witness beliefs.)

Originally published at, an online journal covering religion and cultural diversity.

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