Zoroastrian: Eat a vegetarian feast for Ghambar Maidyarem

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31: Animal lovers, listen up: Today begins the 4-day Zoroastrian festival of Ghambar Maidyarem, a time to celebrate the creation of animals! For centuries, Zoroastrians have shared food with family and friends for this mid-winter event.

Traditionally, Zoroastrians have six ghambars, or seasonal festivals, throughout the year. (Learn more about ghambars at Heritage Institute.) Zoroastrians view humans as God’s helpers, and they believe that if humans make positive choices, we can eliminate evil from the Earth. Thus, Zoroastrians take pride in caring for nature’s plants and animals.

In addition to giving thanks for the creation of animals, Zoroastrians use today to practice the equitable sharing of food. You, too, can practice goodwill today by giving food to those who have less—or by inviting friends into your home to partake in a feast. Check out AllRecipe’s list of 20 top vegetarian recipes for a true feast that gives thanks for animals!

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