Nothing Sacred (1997)

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David Manson

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“Eric Larsen, a friend who used to review educational films for VP, has for some time been trying to get people to petition the powers that be to release the wonderful TV series Nothing Sacred on DVD. Here is Eric’s new plea:

“Let’s get Nothing Sacred into the top ten of the most requested unreleased shows on It would take 1,845 votes. If not by Easter or Christmas, then as long as it takes. The twentieth anniversary of the series is 2017. Invite your friends to vote for a season set at

Let’s get this great series about faith, mission and ministry finally on DVD!”


Set in an inner-city Roman Catholic parish, NOTHING SACRED was unlike anything else on TV in the late 90s. It dealt with personal and theological problems of the church staff, as well as exploring social justice issues. It was deemed too liberal by a conservative Roman Catholic group, so they campaigned to get it dropped. The series was never a top ten program, but word about its high quality was being spread among liberal Christians, but this came too late. You can watch the episodes on YouTube  at the following site, but it would be great having it available on DVDs as well:

In case you want to know more about this series, here is a link to two of my discussion guides for the first programs that are hosted at Fuller Theological Seminary’s blogsite:


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8 Replies to “Nothing Sacred (1997)”

  1. Loved this program. I am a Catholic with 12 yrs. of Catholic School under my belt. This program was
    So wonderful, I am still shocked the network ABC let a small group of idiots tell them what was good
    For people to watch & really enjoy. I believe if this program was put on today it would be a huge hit
    & no one would tell the network to take such a entertaining show off. So Sad this program did not
    continue on TV. Was truly a great show. Kevin Andrson was terrific as Fr. Ray . Love watching what
    YouTube offers us to see. In my opinion, ABC stinks ! – still does. Diane Saxton

    1. Yes, Diane, it was a shame for ABC to buckle under to pressure from conservatives. Although it is available on YouTube, let’s hope that my friend Eric Larsen’s campaign to get it released on DVD succeeds. It deserves a wide audience. When I think of all the mediocre stuff released in this format it seems equally shameful that it hasn’t been released yet!

  2. This was indeed a wonderful show. I was turned onto it by my beloved mother, a devout Catholic. She loved the show and we watched together sometimes. If only it could be released on DVD I would be first in line to buy the series. It is a show to be proud of. Miss it.

    1. Hopefully it will be. I wish there had been more “devout Catholics” like your grandmother, rather than hysterical Catholics oppsed to it! My friend Eric Larsen keeps posting appeals for people to join him so he can garner the number of votes needed to show the pwers that be that a lot of folks are interested. I think it’s 800 or so. Eric, if you see this, let us know again.

    1. Always glad to hear from another fan of this wonderful series. Eric Larsen. for a couple of years, has been seeking signers for a petition to have NS issued on DVD. You can find him on Face Book, or, I seem to recall, there is a Nothing Sacred FB Group or Page.
      You might be interested to see the reflection/discussion guides I wrote for the first 4 episodes. I had hope to do more, but haven’t found the time to do so. They’re at (I’m presuming that you know the programs are available on YouTube.)
      Hope to hear from you again.

  3. There are a lot of people who watched “Nothing Sacred” back in 1997 and were amazed at how well it was written and acted. There was nothing like it and there’s nothing like it today. It is a masterpiece of it’s kind. The entire cast is marvelous and Keven Anderson has never gotten the recognition he deserved for his acting characterization. I’m sure everyone involved in this series knew was outstanding and to this day (those who are still with us) very proud of all the art and effort that went into it. I was thrilled to discover episodes for viewing on You Tube. They are brilliantly presented and offer people so much to think about religion and human beings struggling to understand and survive. Many of the issues courageously tackled and few subjects were ignored. It took a lot of courage for the writers to handle this. Today it’s more powerful with each episode offering a lesson in love and life. Added to this is endless humor, wit and insight on every level. If any series should be available on DVD this is it! Like many others I would grab it immediately. It’s not only a TV series but a very powerful teaching tool. ABC executives (who are the last to know what’s good and what’s great) showed their vast ignorance for letting this show go. They were nothing but cowards, more concerned about themselves than their viewing audience. I’m so thrilled to be about to see these shows and have spread the word.

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