Jesus Revolution (2023)

During the Hippy Era a charismatic street evangelist transforms a youth & the pastor of a dying church into the spearhead of a Jesus Revolution.

The Last Duel (2021)

Two noblemen in 14th century France fight a duel when the wife of one accuses the other as raping her, the crime seen as against the husband!

Mass (2021)

Two sets of parents, the son of one having killed that of the other, are brought together in a church to work through their grief and hostility.

Interview with Andrew Heckler, Writer/Director of BURDEN

Interview with Andrew Heckler, Writer/Director of BURDEN The following was conducted via telephone on February 21, 2020. I had seen the director’s social justice film Burden (now being released in stages across the USA) and thus was eager to talk about it during the all-too-brief 15 allotted minutes. My film review is already up on …


Places in the Heart, set in 1930s Texas, is the story of a black field hand helping a widowed white produce a successful cotton harvest, ending with an unusual Communion service.