Awake (2021)

Jill evades the military who want to experiment on her daughter as she & her 2 children seek to find a cure for deadly world-wide insomnia.

Only (2019)

During a pandemic that kills virtually only women, a husband tries to quarentine his wife, but the 2 grow so upset that they set off for the wilderness, despite the danger the government will sieze her for breeding.

IO (2019)

Sam, daughter of a famous scientist, has stayed behind when almost everyone else fled to Io because of pollution, when she is visited by Micah who wants her & her father to leave.

Tsar (2009)

The conflict between Russia’s Ivan the Terrible & his Metropolitan Filip is similar to that between England’s King Henry VIII & Thomas More, but more bloody.

White God (2014)

When Lili’s beloved dog is abandoned on the streets by her father, she sets out to find it, while it suffers from cruel adults & then leads a dog revolt.