The Women of WISDOM

Too often in the heat of conflict, men stop talking. That’s what happened during one global crisis when four courageous women from different religious backgrounds decided they could make a difference by forming a new cross-cultural network of friends. Even as world leaders refused to talk and other community leaders were polarized, these women pledged to keep relationships strong among their network of friends. They called themselves WISDOM for Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in MetroDetroit. As they became noted specialists in forming healthy cross-cultural friendships, dozens of the WISDOM women shared their personal stories in Friendship & Faith. Their book is inspiring women around the world and, in addition to their own moving stories, the book shows you how to reach out and make a new friend yourself. It’s a perfect book for small-group discussion.


The Women of WISDOM are based in southeast Michigan but they now are known worldwide for working with small groups and inspiring large conferences, as well. The nonprofit WISDOM organization now has a variety of proven programs that work in settings including public schools, libraries, annual conferences and events for professionals ranging from public service to health care. WISDOM’s most popular program is called “Five Women Five Journeys” in which a number of the organization’s leading women present their real-life stories and engage the audience in sharing, as well. You can learn more about WISDOM programs at their web site. Or, contact [email protected] with questions.


There is no hotter topic in human-resources training than cultural competency. From hospitals and schools to major corporations and religious groups—forward-looking leaders are training men and women in cultural competency. Anyone interested in this field should have Friendship & Faith on a required-reading list. There is no other book like it to learn about cross-cultural relationships among such a wide array of women. The WISDOM leaders are veterans of working with such training programs. They also have appeared in documentary films and media interviews. For immediate questions, email [email protected]

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