Customize Your Book

Make our books your own with customized editions

ReadTheSpirit An example of ReadTheSpirit customized editions showing a book cover and two inside pages.publishing is unique in offering to customize any of our nationally published books by personalizing the cover with your logo and adding pages to your copies of the book. Added pages might tell readers about your group, special event or congregation.

Why go this extra step in ordering books? All groups hope to grow. Other take-away materials that you might share with visitors, from brochures to logo-marked merchandise, quickly disappear. But our popular books will be saved and re-read for years to come. This is a service available only through our unique-in-the-industry publishing software, which easily modifies short runs of books. These are the same popular books we sell nationally, slightly modified with your cover logo and a handful of new pages bound in the book.

Here’s an example (see photos): A United Methodist church near the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor realized that Blessed Are the Peacemakers would be popular with members as well as nearby university students. The church designed a customized edition for a “group read” with the church’s motto on the front cover, plus a series of welcoming pages inside (we’ve shown two examples of those pages in the photos).

How long does it take? Let us know at least a month in advance to be sure your customized edition will reach you in a timely way. Email us at [email protected]

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