Information for Authors

Collage of ReadTheSpirit book coversIF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR hoping we might publish your book

Yes, we do consider book proposals from authors, but you should get to know us before submitting a proposal or manuscript. Start by reading our founding principles. Then, look around our Bookstore at the authors whose work we already have published. If you feel comfortable with this mix of colleagues and feel your book would fit in this array of themes, then Contact Us. It’s wise to send an initial email to introduce yourself, but you also can put a packet of materials in the U.S. mail. We cannot promise to return any material mailed to us.

Since our founding in 2007, ReadTheSpirit has been on the cutting edge of book publishing. That means we work closely with our authors in finalizing our books. We also share a larger portion of per-book revenue with authors than other publishers. And we are able to customize short runs of our books for events or “group reads,” which gives our authors many more opportunities for promoting their work.

IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR hoping we will review and recommend your book

The signature feature in ReadTheSpirit online magazine, since 2007, is our weekly author interview. We have featured more than 250 interviews with famous authors (including former president Jimmy Carter, Deepak Chopra and Barbara Brown Taylor) as well as virtually unknown authors we choose to recommend to readers. We occasionally interview filmmakers as well. To suggest that we cover your book or film, contact us by email.

We differ from other magazines that cover books and films in that we only publish reviews and feature interviews after we have decided the book or film is well worth recommending. Readers visit our online magazine to discover great new resources. There are no guarantees that we will cover what you suggest.

IF YOU ARE A WRITER hoping to contribute to ReadTheSpirit online magazine

First, read the instructions for authors (above). We sell books and pay authors. However, our online magazine is free for readers to enjoy and we do not pay contributing writers for work that appears in the magazine. Our audience ranges from grassroots readers who enjoy our news reports, columns, reviews and interviews—to key gatekeepers in communities across the U.S. and around the world who are looking for ideas to share with others. Many of our readers are educators, religious leaders, small-group leaders, writers and bloggers. Often, stories we feature in ReadTheSpirit lead to a much wider awareness of the authors and writers we feature. That’s especially true because we regularly share links with contributing writers. We also are open to cross-posting articles with other websites. If you would like to write for our magazine, visit our front page and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. That’s a great guide to the themes we are considering in each new season. Then, contact us by email.


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