About Read the Spirit Publishing

We are a new kind of media network

We are David Crumm Media LLC, a multi-media publishing company focusing on spirituality and religious diversity headed by partners David Crumm and John Hile. We produce a free online magazine as well as books and other digital content. Under that company banner, ReadTheSpirit is a network of professionals—writers, editors, photographers, artists, clergy, scholars and people from other disciplines, as well, who are building cooperative partnerships to produce our news stories, columns, books and new kinds of digital content. ReadTheSpirit was founded on August 11, 2007, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when 70 of our friends and colleagues gathered for a national conference. We opened our conference by “nailing” (with the click of a mouse) Ten Principles of who we are and what we do to our web portal, a deliberate echo of the nailing of revolutionary theses in Europe half a millennium ago.

ReadTheSpirit books provide inspiration for your daily reading and spirited discussion for your small group. Whether you choose a Bible study with pop culture connections, a collection of stories about making new friends, a Native American memoir or an inspiring guide for caregivers—our books are designed for personal enjoyment and for conversations with your friends. (And those are just a few of our books.) We also provide free supplemental materials online to expand your enjoyment.

Click here to see our Ten 21st-Century Principles of Religious Publishing

Writers who light up your life

We’re always thinking of you, when we publish a book. Our authors are leading experts who write with your interests in mind. Our guides for keeping a healthy spirit during grief or during a period of caregiving—experiences shared by millions of men and women—are written with lots of helpful suggestions for daily life. The Spiritual Wanderer‘s humor will have you chuckling over life in your own household. Friendship and Faith shares dozens of real-life stories written by women who can help you make a new friend today. Blessed Are the Peacemakers will inspire you to get involved with peacemakers in your community.

Unique offer: Our books can truly become yours

ReadTheSpirit publishing is unique in offering to adapt any of our nationally published books by personalizing the cover with your logo and even adding pages to your copies of the book. Added pages might tell readers about your group, special event or congregation. Other take-away materials that you might share with visitors, from brochures to logo-marked merchandise, quickly disappear. But our popular books will be saved and re-read for years to come. This is a service available only through our unique-in-the-industry publishing software, which easily modifies short runs of books. These are the same popular books we sell nationally, slightly modified with your cover logo and a handful of new pages bound in the book. Our suite of publishing software was designed by ReadTheSpirit Publisher John Hile to provide a new kind of flexible toolbox for publishing anything from a brochure to an entire book, whether in black and white, in color or with embedded audio and video. (Learn more about ReadTheSpirit’s co-founder Editor David Crumm here.) Find out about our flexible publishing options by emailing [email protected]

Experts in media interviews, workshops, speaking and consulting

Our co-founders and nearly all of our authors are available for interviews in newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV broadcasts. Most of our authors are media veterans and some are in  frequent demand for news-media interviews. In addition, most of our authors are experienced at designing workshops and seminars. Nearly all of them are talented public speakers. All of them have served as consultants in settings ranging from nonprofit organizations and corporate HR departments to congregations and conference events. Read their author bio pages for more on each writer’s background. Inquire further by emailing [email protected]

Have something you want to mail to us? ReadTheSpirit, 42015 Ford Road, Number 234, Canton, MI 48187

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