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it’s not how MUCH it’s crucial where and when … Mark Siljander … these can be powerful, encouraging words of hope … …





o    ITEM: Mark Siljander piece.
o    ITEM: Community and TOC continue to unfold.
o    Movement among Evangelicals — Def Sufi comment.
WOW! Does this guy have it CORRECT! I also read a lecture that he has
posted on his website, ( http://www.gsi.cc ) which has some excellent
insights. I wish him well in his legal issues, and hope to hear more
about him and FROM him in the mainstream media. He is the type of
person that the Western world needs to hear from in these days of
religio-political chaos. Commenter email: [email protected] Commenter
URL: http://defsufi.squarespace.com

Well, since you asked … I have been doing a little experiment of my
own. It started when I did a piece on the 40th anniversary of Thomas
Merton’s death last fall for Religion & Ethics. I interviewed
Brother Paul Quenon and the Abbey of Gethsemani, who was one of
Merton’s students there. Merton was his spiritual director.

is a poet and has published a couple of collections. He told me he
writes a haiku (three line poem) everyday about something. I suggested
we start exchanging a haiku a day with each other — he writing from
the perspective of the monastery, me writing from out in the world.
Sometimes there are neat synergies in what we write, all of it
unconscious. Sometimes our daily haiku are very different, his from

We;ve been doing this faithfully since Nov., 30. Maybe you
would have some use for that. What I really like is when he tells me
what led up to him writing his particular haiku.

Just a thought ….

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