521: Jewish High Holidays hold timeless wisdom for all of us

Elaine Greenberg
to me

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Good Morning, David,
I just finished reading the second part of Lynne Meredith Schreiber’s entry on your website. She writes beautifully. I loved her description of the strength and fragility of the canoe—just like life itself.
As we Jews begin our New Year and look forward to the solemness of Yom Kippur, we do lots of thinking. We remember past holidays when those we loved were with us and now they are just a memory. We think of the good things that have happened since last year, and, of course, the not so good. We think and pray for all of our friends and family wishing them good health, peace and happiness.
So, yes, life is like the canoe, strong yet fragile, and the High Holy Days remind us of that.
Thanks for sharing her writing,

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