583: Readers are helping us in a national effort to identify game-changing news

There’s still time!
Join the National Dialogue
on Top 2009 News Stories

THANK YOU READERS for sending us thoughtful Emails to help with our upcoming: “Top 10 News Stories of 2009 That Affected Congregations”! If you missed our appeal, click here to read all about this effort.
    On Monday, we will publish our ReadTheSpirit Top 10 list, shaped by your input this week. The Alban Institute, a nationally known resource for congregations, will publish its list. And a third list is coming from a staff writer at the Dallas Morning News. Then, on December 23, we are jointly opening up phone lines for an online-radio broadcast about these issues. (We will tell you more about how to “tune in” next week.)
    But, first, we still need your help! This is an important effort, because it shines a national spotlight on changes in 2009 that hit close to your home—and affect you, your family, friends and neighbors. We’re impressed with the savvy observations you’re sending us already. We won’t bias the outcome by mentioning leading items on the list so far, but readers have sent us notes about all sorts of things that happened in the past 12 months.
    There’s still time! Email us at [email protected] with your suggestions. We consider each note you send us on these issues.

Speaking of World News … 
Have You Caught the Viewpoints
on Climate Change

Over at OurValues.org?

LOTS OF READERS have been stopping by the OurValues.org project this week to read Dr. Wayne Baker’s reflections on the Climate Change Conference. Some of you have added to the discussion by posting comments directly to that Web page.
    In particular, readers seemed to enjoy the cool, challenging and interactive stuff—like the “Eco-IQ Quiz” this week as well as Wednesday’s look at the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters as well as Dr. Baker’s current story about trying to control a new online Climate Change Simulator.
    OurValues.org is a haven for civil dialogue on some of the world’s most pressing and provocative issues. Check it out today! And leave a comment yourself!

In This Often-Confusing World,
Meet a Peacemaker Who Celebrates
Our Unique Spiritual Gifts

WE ARE HONORED to welcome Samir Selmanovic into the pages of ReadTheSpirit—along with his new book, “It’s Really All About GOD.”
    Our special Wednesday “Conversation” this week features an in-depth look at some of Samir’s fresh approaches to religious diversity. Born into a secular-Muslim family in Eastern Europe, Samir converted to Christianity while serving in the army, immigrated to the U.S. and later co-founded Faith House Manhattan—dedicated to exploring the question: Why do we need each other?
    That may sound like a simple question—but it quickly becomes complicated by faith, ethnicity and race.
    ALSO, this week, we welcome playwright Margaret Dulaney with her essay, “The Wisdom of Communication,” exploring why she thinks there’s a growing appreciation for spiritually eclectic voices.


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