618: Men and women nationwide seeking what Darwin still can teach us

ow much energy should we expend trying to reach a small group of science geeks, one might reasonably ask?

As scientist E.O. Wilson has said: Science and religion are the two most powerful forces in the world today. … Science touches all of our lives.
    Ken Wilson

    What you’ve just read is part of a prophetic message from Ken Wilson, a nationally known evangelical author and church leader in the Vineyard network of churches. We’ve recommended Ken’s books in the past and, this spring, we’ll recommend his upcoming book that already is listed on Amazon. Click here to pre-order Ken’s “Mystically Wired: Exploring New Realms In Prayer,” if you’re intrigued by his work.
    THIS WEEKEND, many churches around the world will mark Charles Darwin’s 101st birthday during services—as a clear and public sign that the long-running feud between faith and science must end. Ken’s a part of that from the evangelical perspective.
    You can read more about Ken’s work—and about programs like Evolution Weekend—in our new ReadTheSpirit “Spirit of Darwin” resource page. As we did last year, we established this page in advance of Darwin’s birthday—then we set out the “WELCOME” mat for readers to nominate books, Web sites, films and other resources that can help families, small groups, congregations and entire communities move forward in this important journey.
    Thank you, ReadTheSpirit readers! You’ve already responded with terrific ideas. They’re now already reflected on this year’s resource page.

    HERE IS A LINK TO “Spirit of Darwin 2010,” as it stands today. But keep checking back, because the page is expanding daily.
    Whether you’re a curious reader, a parent, a student, an educator, a pastor or a small-group leader you’ll find great ideas here. We know these are great ideas because our readers have road tested them—and we’re using our own years of judgment, here at ReadTheSpirit, to bring you only the best nominated ideas.

    There’s also news on the Spirit of Darwin page about how to send us your idea, now! 

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