622: More than a billion Christians packing up … under the ash sign

Our top photo today shows Electronics Technician 3rd Class Leila Tardieu receiving ashes on the USS Wasp from the ship’s chaplain. Eastern Christians began Great Lent on Monday. As of today, 2 billion Christians around the world are now entering Lent.
    TODAY, we’ve got 2 great choices:

    Lenten Resources Page is expanding day by day, thanks to our readers. Check out the latest additions.

    Even more exciting, TODAY, we debut “OurLent: Things We Carry,” a free, 40-day series of inspirational stories following Jesus and his followers toward Jerusalem—and beyond. Today’s 1st of 40 stories is all about “Packing up the U-Haul and Hitting the Road Together.”

    Our photo below shows the Rev. Zena McAdams offering ashes at Northwest Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma.

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