729 Great Summer Reading: BIG Bible with EVERY book

They call this NRSV Bible “XL” for a reason.
It’s a whopper.
And this particular edition we’re recommending today is huge not only because it’s printed in “Extra-Large Type.” This edition contains the entire Bible—EVERY book.
What do we mean by that?

Well, most Americans can’t name the four gospels in the Christian Bible, according to annual surveys, so it’s not surprising that most of us aren’t aware of the many books called “The Bible” around the world. First, there are Jewish collections of sacred books called “The Bible” in English. Then, Protestants add an entire New Testament to make their version of the Bible. But that’s not all. Catholics have more books in their Bibles. Greek Bibles are even bigger. No, it doesn’t end there. Slavonic Bibles have more.

In this new XL Edition, Harper Collins gives us all of those collections printed in great-big, eye-friendly type. This is great for personal reading and it’s a terrific gift for someone you love who might have visual challenges. And, in saying it that way, we aren’t simply refering to older readers. When a review copy of this big new edition arrived in our Home Office, it was the youngest person in the room who first expressed excitement. She explained that she’s often called upon to read from the Bible in church groups—and the extra-large type is ideal for comfortably reading aloud.

What additional books will you find here? Well, all 4 books called Maccabees are included, plus the 151st Psalm. Then, there are extras that often seem exotic and fun for Protestants to discover like “Bel and the Dragon” and the book of “Susanna.” Did you know there’s a Bible section called “Prayer of Manasseh” in some Bibles? And both 1 and 2 “Esdras”?

If you love reading the Bible—and surveys say most Americans describe themselves as Bible readers—then there’s not a better gift you could give yourself this summer.

You can order the “New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (NRSV XL) with Apocrypha” from Amazon now.

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