‘Why We Love America,’ a father & son hit the road

Welcome to a groundbreaking journey, exploring America at a crucial moment in the world’s turbulent history. Like other writers and explorers over the centuries, a father and a son are setting out on a journey of discovery circling the continental United States. The father is ReadTheSpirit founding Editor David Crumm and his son is Benjamin Crumm, 21, an Eastern Michigan University honors student. It was Benjamin who proposed this creative look at our rapidly changing nation.

We have readers mainly in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. You’ve told us over the past couple of years that, while you share many moral and spiritual values with Americans, you’re often confused by changes in American culture. Please keep reading for the next 40 days and you’ll discover more about America with us than you can find anywhere else online this summer. While we report these stories, we welcome your thoughts. Email us at [email protected] or add Comments to our posts.

We may be coming to a town near you! One groundbreaking innovation in this series is that we’re jointly publishing these stories with The Detroit Free Press, one of America’s top newspapers. The Free Press web site, www.freep.com, will co-publish our stories from the road and the Free Press also is producing other opportunities like a weekly chance to chat “live” with our travelers. Stay tuned.

Please, support journalism by buying and reading the Sunday August 1 print edition of the Detroit Free Press. The News-and-Views section will carry an extensive look at our project, a map of the journey by artist Martha Thierry, plus an overview of people we hope to meet and questions we plan to ask. You’ll also get a first glimpse of some surprising survey data on what we’re really thinking now as Americans from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.

We won’t steal thunder from the August 1 Detroit Free Press by revealing any of the values research today, but it’s clear that at least one thing unites us in the U.S.: We love America.
In 1976, David Crumm began his own career as a newspaper reporter by circling the U.S. and reporting stories in the Bicentennial year. Along the way, David completed his senior honors project at the University of Michigan. Benjamin is now preparing to write his own senior honors project at Eastern Michigan University. Benjamin proposed this road trip to retrace the 1976 route as we discover what divides—and what can unite—Americans today.

(Photos and story from readthespirit.com )


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